PracticeFinal - ECEN 661 -Modulation Theory Spring 2006...

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ECEN 661 -Modulation Theory Spring 2006 Pracice Fianl Exam Problem 1. The PSD of a narrowband Gaussian noise process, , is as shown in the figure at right. (a) Find and sketch the PSD of the I and Q components of the narrowband noise process. (b) Find and sketch the cross spectral density of the I and Q components. Problem 2. A certain 4-ary modulation format uses the following signal set: , , , . Each symbol interval lasts a duration of seconds, , and is a known constant. For this problem you may assume that . (a) Find a suitable set of orthonormal basis functions for this signalling format. (b) Find the coefficients of the orthonormal expansion of each signal in the set and sketch the sig- nal constellation. (c) Derive an exact expression for the probability of symbol error for the ML coherent receiver for this signalling foramt operating over a Gaussian noise channel. Leave your answer in terms of . Problem 3. A certain 8-ary modulation format uses a signal set which can be represented by the constellation diagram shown below. (Note the points on the circle are equally spaced.)
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PracticeFinal - ECEN 661 -Modulation Theory Spring 2006...

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