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Com 100: Interviewing Concepts (from Appendix A) Interview definition : An encounter oriented toward the possibility of mutual gain through the exchange of information sequences. Q.: How is a job interview different from a conversation? A: Formality, high stakes, status differences, two different roles Motivation : Why Interview? What is your goal or purpose? Types of Interviews 1. Organizational : selection, appraisal, grievance, discipline, feedback, info seeking (decision-making), persuasion or sales. 2. Investigative: Media: conference (press conference), journalistic A. Research: survey, focus group, ethnographic B. Relational: relationship maintenance or diagnosis 3. Therapeutic: A. Physical: doctor/patient B. Mental/emotional Knowledge Identify type of interview self analysis ID organizational needs Identify fit
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Skills 1. Attentiveness : listening and empathy; eye contact, lean, feedback 2. Composure: relaxed, confident; affirmative language; prepared
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100interviewlec - Com 100: Interviewing Concepts (from...

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