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Mark Eldridge Pol 493 Prof. Goodhart Jewish Politics and Resistance in John Hersey’s “The Wall” Summary Prof. Sinkoff’s presentation was more spent on summarizing John Hersey’s “The Wall” then discussing Jewish politics. She began by describing a bit of background of the time period during when The Wall was written. She exclaimed that this was the first English anthropological survivor story during the holocaust that was written from someone who was neither Jewish or actually in the holocaust. She explained that the book was written in a very particular manner which made it so successful. The book confused the public into thinking that the characters in the book such as Mark Nowogrodzki, one of the translators, were actually real people. It was a fiction book written like it was non-fiction. Hersey actually went to the sites where the holocaust happened and did intensive research for his book. He drew maps, streets, themes, and culture to
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Unformatted text preview: help him create everything in his book. He went through three different versions of the book before finally settling on a finished edition. This third edition was what would bring him such a success of the time. The success of the book was founded upon the great detail Hersey used in describing Jewish rituals. Professor Sinkoff stated that in one portion of the book, Hersey used five pages to talk about the proper way of slaughtering kosher. It is in these narrative explanations of Jewish rituals that caused many to believe that this book was a work of non-fiction. Professor Sinkoff even took the time of the presentation to read some of the questions that many people sent in to Hersey in regards to the book. Many of the questions were asking if the characters in the book were real and if so how they can go see their final resting places or how to contact them. Professor Sinkoff then ended her presentation with questions from the audience....
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