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Mark Eldridge Pol 493 Prof. Goodhart Schindler’s List Summary The movie begins with Oskar Schindler. Schindler was a man who used bribes and political power to gain his way. During the time of World War II, Schindler who was a business man exploited captive Jews for slave labor. To do this he used Itzhak Stern who was an accountant to help get finance for his business. Stern found several wealthy Jews in the Ghetto who gave Schindler the money to finance the business. In return he promised the Jews items they could use during the holocaust since their money was not worth anything. Once he got the company running he started hiring the Jew labor. Schindler soon ran into a problem. The Jews in the Ghettos were shipped to a concentration camp which was run by Commandant Goeth. He makes deals with Goeth to get the workers back into the factories. Schindler runs into a few scares when some of his workers are accidently sent to death camps but Schindler saves them in
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Unformatted text preview: time. Schindler’s attitude changes when he soon starts seeing the Jews as people and starts to appreciate them. Over time he soon starts to try and buy as many Jews as possible to work in his factories so that they will not be sent to death camps. His company switches from making pots to ammunition and he sabotages the ammunition so that it will not work. Eventually the war ends and Schindler spent his entire fortune. He saved over 1000 of his workers at the plant. Schindler tried several more businesses but they all failed after that. Schindler’s body has become a memorial for the Jews he saved. The movie showed that through all the terocities that were involved during the holocaust, some good came out of it. It showed that people can change and German’s were not all bad people....
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