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Mark Eldridge OLS 376 Practice Case “Bang! Bang!” 1. The Problem a. What strategy can Bill and CarLis implement to prevent another tragic incident from occurring? a.i. The problem happened on the environment Level a.ii. The cause of the problem was that Dave Headley shot and killed shift supervisor Mike Wison. Dave claimed that Mike was having a relationship with Dave’s wife. He said that Mike became obsessed with his wife and had even sent flowers to her. 2. Decision Criteria a. Safety b. Corporate Responsibility c. Ethics 3. Analysis a. The three best alternatives to the problem are to increase company security, to implement stricter company policies, and to provide better company benefits. a.i. Safety a.i.1. Increasing company security would provide a safer environment for both employers and employees. This would make the company seem more attractive to potential hirers. It would also increase productivity because employees would not be worried about their surrounding environment. There are a few problems with increasing company security. While some people could be attracted to a company with higher security it my turn some away because of the reason the company needs increased security. It
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practicecasebangbang - Mark Eldridge OLS 376 Practice Case...

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