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Mark Eldridge Anth 205 Prof. Zanotti Jon Meacham Extra Credit Jon Meacham’s presentation was called Presidential Leadership in Global Economic Crisis. He spoke about what presidents did during their term and how it affected our economic outlook. He spoke mainly about FDR, Kennedy, and Clinton. He talked about how each man had his plusses and minuses. FDR used a certain tactic which was very bold. He would implement a plan and if the plan did not work then he would admit it did not and move to a different plan. Kennedy and Clinton used negotiations on the international fronts to open up for free trade to help improve our economic climate. He also talked about his previous books about FDR and Winston Churchill’s relationship. He stated that the relationship and friendship between the two men helped improve the economic outlook after the Second World War. He said that they were
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Unformatted text preview: the two men that basically ran the world because after the Second World War, America and Great Britain were the two biggest super powers minus Russia. He also spoke about recent politics and even made a few jokes about how Palin was the gift that keeps on giving. in regards to President Obama, he talked about how great of a speaker he was. However, he said that president Obama needs to learn from FDR and Kennedy and to turn his words into action. He talked about Health Care and how if the people wanted the government to be out of debt then they were agree to pay more taxes because that was the only way for us to get out of debt. Jon Meacham then ended his presentation by answering a few questions from the audience....
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