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Mark Eldridge OLS 386 8:40am Personal Change Paper Change is all around us. It happens to everyone on a daily basis. Change could be something as subtle as wearing a different shirt or as drastic as moving to another country. To be a successful leader one must learn how to identify when change is both good and bad within their organization. In Managing Transitions , William Bridges explains exactly the type of change in an organization. He gives a step by step guide on how to identify when change is necessary, how to stimulate change, and how to make sure that the change stays within the organization. I have been a subject of change recently involving my family. A couple of months ago my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in her lunges as well as her brain. Reading through Managing Transitions I realized how my family, without having any knowledge of the book, used principles outlined in the book dealing with change. This paper will describe my experience and how it relates to Managing Transitions . The first step in the managing transitions process is the ending. Our ending began when my grandma woke up with a horrible heading. My grandma had never had a headache in her life so it caused her great concern. We took her to the hospital the very next day, and she stayed overnight for them to do tests. This was the beginning of the change. I had never seen my
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