PSYCH101 Final Review

PSYCH101 Final Review - Final Review Module 1 Match the...

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Final Review Module 1 Match the type of psychologist with a description of their work. a. counseling b. clinical c. psychiatric d. school e. educational f. developmental g. experimental h. human factors i. consumer j. industrial/organizational k. social l. forensic m. health n. sports 1. Helps improve performance and relationships of individuals in business and organizations____ 2. Studies the behavior of shoppers. ____ 3. Helps people with adjustment problems and relationship issues. ____ 4. Studies the behavior of people in social situations. ____ 5. A medical doctor who treats individuals with psychiatric disorders. ____ 6. Helps individual children with problems that interfere with learning. ____ 7. Works to improve learning for an entire school or school system. ____ 8. Studies development across the lifespan. ____ 9. Helps people improve performance in sports. ____ 10. Studies the relationship between psychological factors and health. ____ 11. Works with the criminal justice system. ____ 12. A Ph.D. who treats people with psychological disorders. ____ 13. Helps make technical systems more user friendly. ____ 14. Conducts research on psychological issues. Matching. Match the perspective to its description. a. psychodynamic b. humanistic c. cognitive d. behavioral e. biological f. behavior-genetics g. neuroscientific 1. Bob believes depressive thoughts and ways of thinking cause psychological disorders. ____ 2. Betty believes our genes and our environment influence our individual differences. ____ 3. Fred believes his client’s depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. ____ 4. Arnie believes that Ursula is depressed because of an obstacle that interferes with her ability to self-actualize. ____ 5. Harry believes that his patient’s anxiety disorder is caused by unconscious mental conflicts. ____ 6. Ingrid believes her client has been rewarded for the manipulative behavior that is a symptom of her personality disorder. 7. Hortense believes the body and brain work to create emotions, memories, and sensory experiences. _____ Module 3
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PSYCH101 Final Review - Final Review Module 1 Match the...

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