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Unformatted text preview: CS-418 Operating Systems Professor: Van Horn Homework 5: Virtual Memory Page Replacement Simulation Assignment: Write a simulation of a virtual memory manager that can manage frames using a FIFO, Optimal, or LRU algorithm. Your simulator will read a file named "pageRequests.txt." Each line of the file will contain one integer representing a page reference. This will be the page-reference string. There will be 10 integers in the file. You should prompt the user for the algorithm to execute (FIFO, Optimal, or LRU) and the number of frames (1 to 6). For each selected algorithm and number of frames, display the page loaded into each frame after each page reference and count the number of page faults. Allow the user to change the algorithm or number of frames and re-execute the page allocations. For example, in Java, your interface and output might look like this: Deliverables: email me 1. your source code 2. a report that explains your program design.. ...
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