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Unformatted text preview: CS-410 Operating Systems Security Professor: J. Anderson Homework 3 Date due: Monday, September 20 Write a Round Robin Scheduler Using either C++ or Java, write a Round Robin scheduler. The scheduler will read a process ID and CPU time for 10 processes from a file named readyQueue.txt. (assume that this file is in the current directory). Each line of readyQueue.txt contains a process ID, followed by a space, followed by the time needed by the process. For example, the file might look like this: P1 20 P2 10 and so on for 10 lines. Your job is to read the file and schedule the 10 processes using a time slice of 3 units. Every time your program schedules a process, print the process ID and the system time (assuming that the system time starts at 0 for the first process ). When all processes have finished executing completely, output the average waiting time. Deliverables: Turn in a printout of your source code and an electronic version of your source code on a diskette. Turn in a report that explains your program design. ...
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