Ch 11 Emerging Modern Questions

Ch 11 Emerging Modern Questions - Chapter 11 1 Which of the...

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Chapter 11 1. Which of the following represents a fundamental quality of Renaissance painting? a. Frenetic composition b. Deep space c. Open composition d. All of the above 2. Masaccio’s The Tribute Money puts each character in the archaic linear stance. a. True b. False 3. In comparing Botticelli’s Spring with Masaccio’s The Tribute Money , which of the following is the most accurate statement? a. The Botticelli is more plastic b. The Masaccio is more linear c. The Botticelli is more linear d. The Masaccio is more lyrical 4. Ghiberti’s The Story of Jacob and Esau , from the Gates of Paradise utilize which method of execution? a. Full round b. Addition c. Relief d. Manipulation 5. According to the text, the greatest masterpieces of fifteenth-century Italian sculpture came from what artist? a. Ghiberti b. Raphael c. Leonaro da Vinci d. Donatello 6. Who wrote The Courtier ? a. Castiglione b. Ariosto c. Da Vinci d. Michelangelo 7. Who designed the dome of the Cathedral of Florence? a. Ghiberti b. Michelangelo c. Brunelleschi d. Donatello
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8. Which artist is known for the technique known as sfumato ? a. Da Vinci b. Michelangelo c. Raphael d. Titian 9. According to the text, what constitutes Leonardo da Vinci’s focus in the The Last Supper ? a. Architecture b. Spirituality c. Papal authority d. Human figures 10. The genius of the Sistine Chapel ceiling is that the figures all appear up- right regardless of the angle from which they are viewed. a.
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Ch 11 Emerging Modern Questions - Chapter 11 1 Which of the...

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