Ch 13 Modern Questions - Chapter 13: Modern, Post-Modern,...

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Chapter 13: Modern, Post-Modern, Pluralistic World 1. According to the text, the terms pluralism and ethnocentrism are synonymous. a. True b. False 2. According to Paula Gunn Allen, most Native Americans suffer from "land sickness." a. True b. False 3. For the Native American, what was the greatest of the prehistoric arts? a. Pottery b. Sculpture c. Music d. Painting 4. In Women Picking Corn , Harrison Begay shows his concern for deep space by placing the horizon line where? a. At the top of the painting b. In the middle of the painting c. At the bottom of the painting d. There is no horizon line 5. Among the Northwest coast Indians, a song may be performed by which of the following? a. Its owner b. The tribe c. The owner's family d. Anyone 6. According to your text, who was the foremost painter of the Harlem Renaissance? a. W. E. B. Dubois b. William Henry Johnson c. Aaron Douglas d. Palmer Hayden 7. Jacob Lawrence's painting, One of the Largest Race Riots Occurred in East St. Louis , displays which of the following? a. Modernist effects b. High verisimilitude c. Use of deep space d. Differentiated planes of color
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8. Which of the following statements may be said of the African-American sculptor Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller? a. Denied pan-African ideals b. Was self taught c. Treated all her subjects realistically d. Was the first Black American artist to draw heavily on African themes and folklore 9. Who was the "poet laureate of Harlem"? a. W. E. B. Dubois b. Langston Hughes c. Alain Locke d. Charles Spurgeon 10. The popular blues tune “St. Louis Blues” was written by who of the following? a. W. C. Handy b. Louis Armstrong c. Dizzie Gillespie d. John Coltrane 11. According to the text, who was the earliest pioneer of African-American dance? a.
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Ch 13 Modern Questions - Chapter 13: Modern, Post-Modern,...

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