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1 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering EEC180A DIGITAL SYSTEMS I Winter 20 12 LAB 1: INTRODUCTION TO THE ALTERA DESIGN SYSTEM This lab provides an introduction to the Altera Quartus II design software. You will use the Altera tools to enter schematics and perform functional and timing simulations. This lab will be done as a self-paced tutorial. Preparation: Print this lab write-up and read it thoroughly before coming to lab. Even better, do this lab on one of the department's Linux workstations so you can ask any questions during the first lab meeting I. Simple Counter Design STARTING QUARTUS II The ECE Department has Altera's Quartus II software installed on the Linux workstations. • Type setup quartus to configure your environment. (This only needs to be done once.) Log out and log in, or open a new X-window • Type to start the program. The first time you start the software, you will be prompted with a “Look and Feel” dialog box. Select the top option, “Quartus II”. If prompted to automatically look for updates, select “No”. If you are running Quartus for the first time, you will then be prompted to create a new project. Click “Yes”. Otherwise, click on File>New Project Wizard to bring up the project wizard. On page 1 of 5, you will be asked for the working directory for your project. Create a subdirectory for your project such as eec180a/lab1 . Then choose a name for the project and top-level entity such as counter . Then click “Next”. On page 2, simply click “Next”. On page 3, select Flex10K as the device family and select EPF10K20RC240-3 as the device and click “Next”. On page 4, click “Next”. Finally, if the summary of project settings looks correct on page 5, click “Finish”. You have now created a project and a directory to hold it. . If you have already created your project in an earlier session, select File>Open Project and open the counter project. WINDOWS – Altera provides a free “web-edition” version of Quartus II that you can download from: Note that the file you must download is greater than 1000 MB, so plan accordingly. USING COMMAND SHORTCUTS In addition to the pull-down menus, Altera provides many shortcuts for performing common tasks. There is a toolbar with buttons across the top of the screen. In addition, each separate tool
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2 has a unique set of buttons along the left side of the screen. Placing the cursor over a button will display the button's function at the lower-left corner of the window. Thus, you can quickly learn the function of each button. There are also keyboard shortcuts for commonly used commands.
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