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ACCT410x Company Presentation - ACCT 410x: Foundations of...

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ACCT 410x: Foundations of Accounting Company Presentation Spring 2012 The assignment involves forming a group and developing a 18 to 20 minutes presentation on a real-world organization of mutual interest. In order to complete the assignment you must go through the following three steps. Please note that each step requires that you submit something by a specific date. Step 1: Selecting a Group, an Organization and Receiving Approval a. Select and Name a Group of 5-7: Choose your group wisely. Your individual grade will be based on the overall performance of the group. Since each member of the group will receive the same grade, it is important to join others that have the same level of commitment that you have to the assignment. When forming your group, make sure that there are specific times that all members can meet and work as a group on your presentation. I strongly suggest you begin forming your group by mid-February in order to complete the remainder of step 1. You should have your group set by Wednesday, 2/23. While each group receives the same basic grade, this base presentation grade will be adjusted based on peer evaluations. Individual presentations grades will be lowered or raised on step based on each standard deviation from the mean group scored. Each group has the ability to “divorce” a member that is not participating or is substantially underperforming or not pulling his/her weight. Before a group can do this, the group must meet with me so we can discuss the situation. The problem member must be allowed the opportunity to redeem him/herself prior to “divorce”. If someone is “divorced” from a group, they will be allowed to prepare an individual presentation, which they will present to me on an individual basis. They will be docked a 1.0 off the grade based on a 4.0 scale. Please note that if you do not have the requisite number of people in you group [3/4 students], your group may be either assigned new members or it may be disbanded. There is also a possibility that you may be asked to consider another member if you have 5 members and there is a “free agent” student. b. Selecting an Organization: Groups are encouraged to choose an organization in an industry that its members find professionally interesting. Note that the organization does not have to be a “for profit” business. Availability of information is an important consideration when selecting your organization. A high profile organization company is much easier to research. It may be very difficult to find information on organization that operates as a subsidiary of a larger corporation. I suggest you do some preliminary research to ascertain what is available for the organization you are considering. [You can access powerful electronic data bases online through the business, accounting libraries, and through the portal. Lexis-Nexis and Factiva are examples of the powerful and comprehensive databases for newspapers, magazines, journals, and other periodicals.]
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ACCT410x Company Presentation - ACCT 410x: Foundations of...

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