chem formal lab report 1

chem formal lab report 1 - Purpose: The purpose of this...

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Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to observe the solubility of substances in water, measure the effect of various factors on solubility rate, prepare a supersaturated solution, and observe how water reacts as a reaction medium. Procedure: Materials needed: 250-mL beaker Stirring rod Iron ring 6 medium-sized test tubes Hot plate Graduated cylinder 8 small-sized test tubes Sodium thiosulfate Test tube rack Sodium hydrogen carbonate Sodium sulfate (irritant, hygroscopic) Citric acid Barium sulfate Ethanol (flammable, toxic) Finely ground sucrose Vegetable oil Naphthalene (flammable, suspected carcinogen) Glycerol (irritant, hygroscopic) Urea (irritant) 1. Prepare a boiling water bath, filling a 250-mL beaker with hop tap water and placing a ring support around the beaker for stability. Heat using a hot plate. 2. Obtain 8 small-sized test tubes and place in test tube rack. 3. Transfer 1 mL of distilled water to each tube using a graduated cylinder. Then add the following to the labeled tubes: Tube 1: sodium sulfate Tube 2: barium sulfate Tube 3: finely ground sucrose Tube 4: naphthalene Tube 5: urea Tube 6: ethanol Tube 7: vegetable oil Tube 8: glycerol 4. Thoroughly mix contents of each tube and record observations of each solution/ 5. Discard contents 2, 4, and 7 in labeled containers. Pour contents 1, 3, 5, 6, and 8 down drain. 6. Assemble 6 clean, dry, small test tubes labeled 1-6. 7. Transfer 5 mL of distilled water into each tube. Place tubes 3-6 in boiling-water bath. 8. Testing one tube at a time, add solutes below to the tubes. Determine time it takes for sucrose to dissolve. Begin to time each system as soon as you add the sucrose. Stir contents of tubes 2 and 4, but do not stir contents of tubes 1, 3, 5, and 6. Tube 1: lump sucrose, unstirred, room temperature
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chem formal lab report 1 - Purpose: The purpose of this...

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