ENG101 Week 3 Reading Avoiding Plagirisim

ENG101 Week 3 Reading Avoiding Plagirisim - Avoiding...

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Avoiding Plagiarism From elementary school to graduate school, students are using the Internet more and more often to cheat. A 2005 survey by the Center for Academic Integrity revealed that on most college campuses, 70% of students admit to some form of cheating. When it comes to copying and pasting information from the Internet and then weaving into a college paper, 77% of students believe this form of cheating is not a serious issue (McCabe, par. 3 & 5). It is, however, a grave issue, one Axia College takes seriously. That is why it is important for you to understand what plagiarism is as well as how to avoid it. What is Plagiarism? Axia College’s 2006 University Catalog defines plagiarism as “representing the words or ideas of another’s as one’s own in an academic exercise” (p. 25). Acts of plagiarism include any the following: Buying or retrieving a paper from a term paper Web site and turning it in as your own Turning in another student’s work, with or without his or her knowledge, as your own Copying text from a source (even an Internet source) without providing proper documentation Copying text from a source and providing proper documentation but leaving out quotation marks Paraphrasing a text without providing proper documentation Intentional Plagiarism Currently, the most popular trend in plagiarism is use a term paper Web site or any Web site that contains the needed information for the paper, copy all or parts of the text, paste it into a document, and submit it. This violation is known as intentional plagiarism . Students intentionally plagiarize for many reasons, including the following: They are lazy or did not study or prepare. They want to pass or achieve high grades. They feel pressured to succeed. They do not know or understand the answers, or they do not enjoy the subject. They have too little time and too much work.
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ENG101 Week 3 Reading Avoiding Plagirisim - Avoiding...

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