ENG101 Week 3 Reading Brainstorming

ENG101 Week 3 Reading Brainstorming - The following is an...

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Brainstorming Techniques Part of prewriting—the first step in the writing process— is coming up with ideas for your essay. Prewriting presents an opportunity to put your thoughts down on paper. It can be frustrating to sit in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank computer screen and not know what to write; however, if you start prewriting, before you know it, you may have generated a number of ideas. There are several different ways to brainstorm. This course focuses on mind-mapping. Mind-Mapping Mind-mapping shows the relationship between ideas through drawing. Begin with your general topic in the middle of a page and draw a circle around it. From there, draw lines —or branches—to show connections to more specific, supporting ideas. Then, you can then add more lines to show even more specific details.
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Unformatted text preview: The following is an example of a mind map about the steps involved in building a Web site. Example of Mind-Mapping: Building a Web site Buy domain name Design Develop Type of site Buy program Use existing Progra m Take a class View other sites Publish Easy to use Edit and test Attractiv e Once you complete the mind map, it is an easy process to transfer the information in the branches and circles of the mind map to topics and sub-topics in an outline. You will learn about writing topic outlines later in this course. Wrap-Up It is important that you do not skip the prewriting step in the writing process. It may seem as though it is not essential, but prewriting is one of the most productive steps because it gets your thoughts flowing and down on paper so you can determine exactly what to write....
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ENG101 Week 3 Reading Brainstorming - The following is an...

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