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Types of Topic Sentances - • Division and classification...

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Examples and illustrations : Provide specific examples of people that have journaled (as in the introduction) or illustrate how a person goes about journaling. Data, facts, historical or personal details : Research journal writing to find statistics or facts on how journal writing can help an individual or add your own personal experience, if it is relevant. A simple story or narrative : Tell a story of how someone was changed through the process of journaling. Descriptions : Describe a journal, include visuals, or include physical descriptions and impressions of people and places mentioned in the journal.
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Unformatted text preview: • Division and classification : Separate journals into different types, such as historical journals and personal journals, and then separate those divisions into further categories. • Process analysis : Provide step-by-step directions explaining how to create a journal. • Definitions : Define journals according to their different uses. • Comparison-contrast : Compare and contrast journal writing with other types of therapeutic or narrative writing. • Argument : Argue that journal writing should be required in school or that everyone should keep a journal for the sake of future generations....
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