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POL 117 my NOTES - POL 117 MIDTERM NOTES Nietzsche sees the...

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POL 117 MIDTERM NOTES Nietzsche sees the morality of modern political communities as an updated version of Christian morality. Nihilism: process where values become so high that we no longer believe in it. Once communities are established, they rise and their people becomes tired of own existence Feelings of guilt and worthlessness; suffering Ascetic priests tell suffering masses that they’re to blame for their own suffering. o This is an important move by the priests because humans are essentially okay with suffering as long as they can understand the cause of it and make it meaningful. If they can find cause to finally deal with it. o If they can make sense of their suffering and find cause then they can alleviate it somehow o This is also a key dynamic to ressentiment: the need to find a cause is inherent in ressentiment. Those who suffer take revenge on those causing it. o It makes the sufferer feel better after discharging his passions on the perpetrator causing the suffering. Revenge is a narcotic Anesthetization of suffering is the tree reflection of ressentiment What ascetic priests give to the masses doesn’t heal them, it only makes them suffer more. It doesn’t remove their sufferings. What priests exercise to achieve making the masses suffer more: Innocent means and guilty means Innocent means: (sections 17 and 18 of third essay) o Priests muffle feeling of life: they preach that the people should keep control of their passions. Be peaceful and tranquil. Try not to will anything at all. To not desire things and just be still. To save their energy for the next life. The muffling of life suppresses the suffering. o Mechanical activity: blessing of work! It is virtuous to work hard and keep selves occupied. The protestant ethic. Neitzche would argue that mechanical activity only brings about
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POL 117 my NOTES - POL 117 MIDTERM NOTES Nietzsche sees the...

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