100IPconcepts - We generally go from acquaintances to...

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Interpersonal Communication Key Concepts (Chapters 6-8) 1. Personal support networks: Characteristics: strength/closeness; type; reciprocity Effects of social support : buffering, coping, health enhancement Variables: Matching hypothesis (controllable); specificity 2. Listening types: Listening to learn: find the facts, follow instructions; understand content Listening to evaluate/critique: look for assumptions, opinions, arguments Listening to empathize: focus feelings & emotions; relational messages 3. Feedback, paraphrasing, perspective taking 4. Communication rules: procedural knowledge
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Unformatted text preview: We generally go from acquaintances to something more. Closeness refers to intimacy or social distance. Revisit scripts. Script for getting a date: women - 1. notice 2. get caught looking at each other 3. smile 4. find out from friends 4. run into them 5. introduced by friend 6. common interests leads to date Men - 1-4 same as above. 5. ask for # 6. call 7. small talk leading to date 5. Relationship types: Family, Romantic, Friend 6. Communication goals 7. Content vs. Relational Messages 8. Skills 9. Rules 10. Dialectics 11. Assertiveness versus aggressiveness 12. Managing conflict...
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100IPconcepts - We generally go from acquaintances to...

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