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August 26 th , 2011 Biology 311C Lecture 2 Spontaneous generation or abiogenesis refers a supposed process by which life would systematically emerge from sources other than seeds, eggs or parents. In other words, this could be described as a process where life emerges from non-living matter. You have atoms of carbons to form complex biomolecules. Explain why ‘life’ is an emergent property is: properties that emerge from the interactions of similar components. It would give rise to something more complex. At which biological level can it ‘emerge’?: At the cell level. The hierarchy or level of chemical and biological organization (low to high): atoms (carbon), biomolecules, organelles, cells, tissues, organ, organ system, and organism.
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Unformatted text preview: Lipids and organelles fit together because of membranes. Many plasma lipids form to create organelles. Mitochondria create ATP in the heart which is what the muscle cells need to contract. Many of these cells form tissue. Multiple tissues form an organ (the heart). Life here on Earth depends on water (H2O). Emergent properties of water: atom; hydrogen (H) and Oxygen (O), molecule; Water (H2O). Malaria is moved from human to human by mosquito. It does not infect the mosquito, but is fatal to humans. **The level of biological organization would malaria prevention programs be most effective would be at the community level....
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