Biology 311C Lecture 18

Biology 311C Lecture 18 - relaxation • binds to the...

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October 5, 2011 Biology 311C Lecture 18 The high concentration goes inside the ER through a proton pump with the help of ATP. In Viagra , protein kinase G is in charge because of the cyclic cGMP. It helps to keep calcium levels low in the cytosol. All enzymes are proteins and guanylate cyclase can make GTP to cGMP. The levels of calcium drop and increase in the ER and allows for smooth muscle relaxation. For muscle contraction to happen, calcium changes the configuration of the actin for the myosin heads to attach and make the filaments stay together. Viagra inhibits the enzyme (PDE5) that converts cGMP to GMP. Nitrates and Viagra make an unsafe drop in blood pressure and there is too much
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Unformatted text preview: relaxation. • binds to the active site of phosphodiesterase and inhibits it making it a competitive inhibitor. • In reception, binding of epinephrine to G protein-coupled receptor is present (1 molecule). • During transduction, it multiplies until it reaches one hundred million in the response. • The kinase is going to phosphorylate protein kinase A since it’s activated by cAMP. • The epinephrine is the first messenger is on the surface since the G protein-coupled receptor is at the plasma membrane. • Since the GTP is not attached to GDP, the G protein is always active and the water concentration is unbalanced. • 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 and 55.3 need to be read....
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