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October 12, 2011 Biology 311C Lecture 20 Homework due Monday on cellular respiration at 9 a.m. Test tips: Read, stop to think, and re-read. Do the questions at the end of the each section/chapter. Use YouTube to look up videos on subject. Refer to learning outcomes. Go to library to use introductory biology textbooks. Look at processes and see how they can go wrong. Spontaneous reactions are exergonic and do not require the input of energy. There are enzymes that slowly strip the energy from glucose which is why glucose does not spontaneously combust. Hydrogen peroxide spontaneously combusts into water and hydrogen. The right enzyme (catalase) is needed to push the reaction. There is an activation barrier because the bonds between the reactants need to be broken first before creating products. Enzymes facilitate a chemical reaction. Electrons are zipped away from glucose and then they fall down hill and create a gradient.
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