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October 19, 2011 Biology 311C Lecture 23 We find chloroplasts in plants in roots and stems. If you see green, there is a chance of photosynthesis. Prokaryotic cells also do photosynthesis as well as protists and plankton. The level of which photosynthesis happens in the chloroplasts. You find them in plants and algae. What goes into the light reaction (first stage) is light, water, ADP (along with inorganic phosphate), and NADP + . The products of light reactions are oxygen, NADPH and ATP. Sugars are formed in the Calvin cycle. Carbon dioxide goes in and the NADPH reduces it. Chloroplast is a pigment which absorbs light and solar energy. Chlorophyll A and chlorophyll B absorb red and blue ends of the light spectrum. The only wavelength that is not absorbed is green. As photons hit the chlorophyll molecule, energy is moved up into a higher state. As the electron falls back to ground state, the energy is released from the photon as heat
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Unformatted text preview: or moved on to do work. • When a pigment molecule absorbs a photon of light, an electron in the pigment molecule is raised to an excited state with a higher energy level. • What converts ADP to ATP is adding a phosphate. The electron cannot transfer the excess energy to ADP to form ATP. • Chloroplasts are found in light harvesting complexes within the photosystem. • The electron hole needs to be filled up. The incoming electrons come from water. • The electron goes to the primary electron acceptor and it has a high potential energy. • It then goes into the electron transport chain. It falls downhill and it is a series of redox reactions. It is exergonic and powers protein gradients. • They fall down again and it goes into an electron carrier. It is NADPH. • Watch Dr. Moon’s video on photosynthesis for class on Friday. • We need to draw the movement of electrons between two photosystems....
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