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Biology 311C Lecture 39 - Biology 311C Lecture 39 Final...

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November 30, 2011 Biology 311C Lecture 39 Final exam: 40 multiple choice questions, 2.5 points each. 50 points free response. Concept check questions at the end of each section. Self-quiz questions. Do Mastering Biology. Gametes are necessary to make babies because we reproduce sexually meaning we mix our genetic information to create an offspring. Gametes have half as many chromosomes as our somatic cells. Like mitosis, meiosis is preceded by the replicated of chromosomes. In interphase, the homologous pair is separated and create a diploid cell. In meiosis I, we get 2 haploid cells with replicated chromosomes after the homologous chromosomes separate. In meiosis II, the sister chromatids separate and 4 haploid cells with unreplicated chromosomes are created. Prophase I: In synapsis, homologous chromosomes loosely pair up, aligned gene by gene forms a tetrad. There are 6 chromosomes This does not happen in mitosis.
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