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Department of Economics Prof. Cristian Santesteban UC Berkeley Office: Evans 697 Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2-4pm [email protected] Econ 100A – Fall 2011 Microeconomic Analysis - SYLLABUS 2050 Valley LSB, T-Th, 11-12:30 Welcome to Econ 100A! This is the primary theory course in microeconomics offered by the Economics Department at Cal. The course will emphasize the application of calculus to the problems of consumer decision making, firm behavior, and market interactions. Students are expected to be familiar with multivariate calculus (including e.g., limits, derivatives, integration). This is a foundational course and will be essential for all your future work in economics. Please take this course seriously as it will teach you the theory underlying most applications of economics. Note: as this is a course in economic theory, and not an applied course, I will use examples only to illustrate the underlying theory. I will not focus on any particular application of microeconomics. I expect this class to be difficult for most of you and for you to devote a significant amount of time working on the problem sets. If you have a very strong background in mathematics and you already know you would like to pursue a Ph.D. in economics, you should seriously consider taking Econ 101A, the more mathematical and rigorous alternative version of this class. Prerequisites : Econ 1, 2 or C3 (or Environmental Economics and Policy 1, Introductory Economic Theory), and Mathematics 1A or 16A, and Mathematics 1B or 16B, or equivalent (Multivariate Calculus – See appendix to Ch 4, appendix to Ch 5, and Section 6B to see what is in store.) Enrollment: You must attend at least one of the first two sections, or contact your GSI, in order to confirm your enrollment in the course. If not, you will be automatically dropped. If you are not yet enrolled, add yourself to the wait list. Neither the GSIs nor I can enroll students in the course. Contact Michael Urbanic ([email protected]) to plead your case. If you wish to change discussion sections, you must do that through Telebears, but use caution not to drop the course. GSIs cannot accept students who are not enrolled in their section. Textbook:
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Syllabus+Econ+100A+-+Fall+2011+_Santesteban_ - Department...

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