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FVR SINGING IN THE RAIN - Andrew Brown - Andrew Brown...

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Andrew Brown Student ID# C02234882 FVR Singing in the Rain 11/14/2011 Film Viewing Report: Singing in the Rain Title of Movie: Singing in the Rain Name of Director/s: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly Name of Cinematographer: Harold Rosson Name of Art Director: Randall Duell, Cedric Gibbons Name of Screenwriter: Adolph Green, Betty Comden Name/s of principal actor/s: Gene Kelly, Donald O Conner, Debbie Reynolds 1. What year was the movie released? 1952 (April 11 th ) 2. What was going on in the United States and / or the World during the 5-8 years before the release of the movie? In the 1940’s the world was enduring World War II and we also saw the term Baby Boomer being used. Technology took a big step also with the introduction of the first computer systems. People are also more interested in UFO sightings during these years and many people were talking about it. The US forms NATO during this time period and the Ed Sullivan show premiers on TV.
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