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100-108 final - organization Fare w e ll 0 Recognition 0...

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101. A speech of recognition should: <:) Expla i n the criteria of the award @ Describe how or why someone achieved the award <:) Establish the credibility of the speaker IE) Explain the criteria of the award AND establish the credibility of the speaker 102. Commencement addresses should: I;'; 1 t , Page 22 0 Speech o f w el come @ S p eech o f introd u c ti on 0 S p eech c fr ecogni ti on <:) Sp e ech o f accepta n ce 104 . A is given to propose that a person be considered for an elected office, honor, position, or award. @ Speech o f n om in a ti on 0 Comme n ceme n t address 0 Speech of reco g nition <:) Tri bu t e s p eech 105 . A speech is given to honor someone who is leaving an
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Unformatted text preview: organization @ Fare w e ll 0 Recognition 0 Dedication 0 Commencem e n t 107 . In a welcome speech you are expected to: Pro'Me a brie f description of the group that is being we l comed eJ Focus o n t hree or four things about the person being we l comed ID D i scuss the nature o f recognition ID Es t ab li sh tile n a t ure of t he occas i on 108. A speech to ___ is a humorous speech that makes a serious point. Recognize E nt ert ai n eJ We l co me eJ N om i na t e...
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