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DB - Speech exam - questions Final

DB - Speech exam - questions Final - 1 Part 1 you will have...

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1. Part 1: you will have 10 choices for questions about the material covered in this exam. Choose any 5 of them. Answer each one in a single, well-developed paragraph. (10 points each) Use specific examples to support your assertions. What are some elements of a speech's physical setting, and how can these affect the audience's experience? When giving a speech you have to consider the physical setting - i.e. the location of where the speech will be given. For example, in a classroom, an auditorium, though live internet webcast etc. The audience's experience will vary from location to location and a speaker must adapt to meet the needs of his audience at all times. If a speech is given in a classroom, the speaker must capture the audience's attention and project his or her voice to that everyone can here. If its online, the speaker must account for any technical problem that may arise during the presentation and make adjustments if necessary. With any speech the speaker must be able to convey their message to the audience and adapt to any audience feedback throughout the presentation. 2. What are some of the methods of organization that can be used in speech preparation? There are a few methods that a speaker may use to help organize their speech presentation. They may use Time order, narrative order, Topic order, or logical reasons order. In selecting a method the speaker must analyze which method of right for the speech they are giving. For example a recipe speech may best me given in time order to instruct the audience when each ingredient should added. While speech urging the audience to donate money to a charity might best be organized in a narrative order.
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