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Discussion Questions Final - Denise Betancourt Discussion...

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Denise Betancourt Discussion Questions Speech 110 Student ID: C02167117 Chapter 9 – Question 1 What are the various methods for displaying visual aids?. Is the chalkboard is an appropriate method to use when the equipment for a computer-based presentation is easily accessible? Identify a scenario in which the chalkboard might be the best method of presentation. What about brainstorming or demonstrating something? Which visual aid is appropriate then? I don’t find that the chalkboard is a great visual aid at any point, maybe only as a last resort. There are so many other types of visual aids, such as power points presentations, Poster Boards, and videos that can be far more versatile and effective for a computer-based presentation than a chalkboard. Visual aid may be an effective way to help convey your message when delivering a speech. Chapter 10 – Question 1 If fame an excuse for inappropriate speech acts? If so, is it ethical? If no, why does it continue to be used as such? How often such celebrities are held accountable for their word usage? Do accountability and consequence regulate a celebrity’s inappropriate language? I don’t think that fame is an excuse for inappropriate speeches, however most people who are famous are not famous for any other reason but that they are a musician or actor. Being in these professions does not mean that they automatically learn to use their spot in the public stage appropriately. They are people, like you and I, the only difference is that their opinions may be brought bring national attention. I’m sure any number of us have given a “speech” or comment that others may find inappropriate but it doesn’t make us bad people or that we should stop having our point of view just because other people don’t like it. In a sense fame is a form of accountability. Everything that famous people to is scrutinized, sometimes on a daily basis. Famous people should have freedom of speech just like the rest of us, no matter if we agree with
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Discussion Questions Final - Denise Betancourt Discussion...

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