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Speech Analysis and Outline Andrew Brown

Speech Analysis and Outline Andrew Brown - Andrew Brown...

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Andrew Brown Student # C02234882 Speech Analysis and Outline 10/18/2011 Speech Analysis Part I The Speakers Goal : To inform the general public that War is not the answer. Helen Keller is trying to inform people that the government uses them as a tool of war. She is trying to tell people not to give in to capitalism. She wants people to strike against war and that if they don’t go then there won’t be wars. She goes on to explain how propaganda is used to fool brave men into war and also how corporations profit off of soldiers being in action. She wants people to think for themselves and see things for what they are. She wants there to be peace and she tells our nation to “strike against all ordinances, laws, and institutions that continue the slaughter of peace and butcheries of war”. She ultimately doesn’t want workingmen to work for capitalists and she wants to spread awareness for people to be aware of what’s going on around them. She wants to build a better nation by not occupying our time with war but occupying our time by making sure our societies are in harmony and peace. The Type and Test of Argument: The type of argument being presented in the speech by Helen Keller is a causal argument. She states that “Every modern war has had its root in exploitation”, she is trying to state that war is not what it seems and that people are fooled into believing what the government wants them to believe. The main fallacies that I noticed were slippery slopes and hasty generalizations. She uses the slippery slope fallacy throughout the speech when mentioning that all wars are for exploitation and that’s all they could ever be for. Another slippery slope fallacy is used when she says “Strike against war, for without you no battles can be fought”.
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