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speech essay final responses - 1 Elements at play when...

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1. Elements at play when considering a speech's physical setting would include: location, size of room, seating arrangement, distance between audience and speaker, time of day, room temperature, and lighting. The audience in a smaller room setting will have a more intimate experience which will be more memorable as opposed to a larger room where the audience is easily distracted and finds it hard to see which in turn makes it difficult to process and remember the information being presented. The room temperature is a very important element to consider when planning your speech as it will be crucial to wear the proper clothes so that you will be comfortable according to the room temperature. The seating arrangement will also be important to know ahead of time to be able to prepare the proper amount of amplification and speaker arrangement. Being able to plan a speech based on the speech setting ensures the audience will be comfortable, making for a successful and memorable experience. 2. Some of the methods of organization available to be utilized are narrative order, time order, logical reasons order, and topic order. To select the proper method the speaker must analyze their speech and determine which method of organization suits their speech's need best. For
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speech essay final responses - 1 Elements at play when...

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