100IPlec2 - couples(Stafford 1991 Positivity Openness...

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Com 100: Interpersonal Concepts (Follow-up from Thursday) Stages : Acquaintance, development, decline, dissolution Getting Acquainted : 1. Physical Attraction Note: (1) Culturally-determined (2) time-bound (3) matching Courtship behavior : Shall we dance? (Study of Dance Offers) Identity Goals: From personal ads 2. Reinforcements/Rewards 3 . Attitude similarity (Homogamy) “Birds of a feather” vs. “Compatibility of opposites” 4. Longevity = matching on attitudes, complement on needs Relationship Maintenance occurs at Any stage: Maintenance Behaviors for long term
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Unformatted text preview: couples (Stafford, 1991): Positivity Openness Assurances Social Networks Sharing Tasks For friends • Shared Activities, cards, no flirting, open, advice, comfort Why do relationships decline? Equity Theory: Rewards/costs Under-benefited vs. over-benefited Dialectical Theory (vs. stage theories) Contradictory motivations • Autonomy-connection dialectic • Closedness-openness dialectic • Predictability-novelty dialectic Content vs. Relational Messages (see overheads)...
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100IPlec2 - couples(Stafford 1991 Positivity Openness...

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