02 Ch 2 Notes - -) donor- a base accepts a proton from a...

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Biol 127 Notes Chapter 2 – Chemistry Review Ch 2: pgs. 28-51 Why study Chemistry ?!? - Forms the basis for - Relates to - Important for understanding - To work and interact with Chemical Bonds - Molecules contain atoms held together by chemical bonds - Chemical bonds - 3 types of chemical bonds: - ionic bonds – formed by attractions between - covalent bonds (Fig 2.3) – formed by 2 atoms sharing - hydrogen bonds (Fig. 2.4) – formed by attraction of Speculate: Of those 3 bond types – ionic, covalent, hydrogen: - which is the strongest and why? - which is the weakest and why? So: ____________________ > ____________________ > ____________________ Acids, Bases, & pH - acid = a proton (hydrogen ion, H + ) donor - an acid donates a proton to a solution - base = a proton acceptor, or a hydroxyl ion(OH
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Unformatted text preview: -) donor- a base accepts a proton from a solution- the pH scale is a measure of the hydrogen ion concentration [H + ] of a solution (Fig 2.7) What’s in a bacterial cell? Organic Macromolecules- Read pages 37-47 and fill in (at least) your assigned column of the chart below Carbohydrates Lipids Proteins Nucleic Acids Elemental composition (What elements do these contain?) Names of the structural units: polymer, monomer/subunit, etc. Name of key bond in the polymer Are these polar or nonpolar molecules? What is the relative solubility in water? General function(s) in the microbial cell Name some of these macromolecules that are found in microbes Think: What happens when you heat this macromolecule? Think: What would you buy at the grocery store that’s this molecule?...
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02 Ch 2 Notes - -) donor- a base accepts a proton from a...

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