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08 Probiotics Homework - Activia - benefit of eating...

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Name _____________________________ Probiotics Homework BI 127 Microbiology Due Mon, Feb 14 in class Hand in a paper copy (typed or handwritten is OK) (10 points) Visit the website below. Review “My Digestive Well-Being” and “How Activia Helps”. Some of the FAQs may also be helpful (link to FAQs is at bottom of webpage). Then answer questions 1-4. http://www.activia.us.com/default_challenge.aspx Part A: Respond to these questions: 1) What is Bifidis Regularis®? 2) What is a probiotic? How would probiotic yogurt be different from regular yogurt? 3) What does Activia claim to do for the person who consumes it regularly? (i.e., what is the
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Unformatted text preview: benefit of eating Activia?) Part B: Based on the information you’ve reviewed and adding your own critical thoughts and evaluation, write a paragraph response (at least 300 words) to the following: 4) Knowing you’re taking Microbiology, a friend asks you this question: “What do you think about Activia? Does it provide a real benefit? Should I use this product?” Provide a critical and thoughtful response in which you state your opinions and support it with pertinent information. [ NOTE : Do a word count and write down the number of words at the end of your response. Your response should be at least 300 words.]...
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