14 Protozoa & Parasites Ch11 Notes

14 Protozoa & Parasites Ch11 Notes - Biol 127 Protozoa...

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Biol 127 Protozoa and Helminth Parasites and Diseases Ch 11: p. 310-319, p. 326-332, p. 336-339 (malaria) Ch 23: p. 745-747 (tapeworms) Ch22: p. 705-707 (pinworms) Ch22: p. 711 Parasitology – study of medically important protozoa and multicellular parasites - parasite (general sense) – an organism that lives in association with another organism, in a relationship in which … - parasite (specific sense) – - protozoa – - helminths – - arthropods – What parasites (specific sense) are you familiar with? - Ectoparasites – live on the surface of other organisms Examples? - Endoparasites – live within the bodies of other organisms Examples? - Obligate parasites – must spend at least some of their life cycle in or on a host - Facultative parasites – normally are free-living, but they can also obtain nutrients from a host Which is a pathogenic fungus? Which is a mosquito? - Permanent parasites – remain in the host, once infection is initiated - Example? - Temporary parasites – feed on a host temporarily, then leave - Example? - Accidental parasites – invade an organism other than their normal host - Example? - Definitive hosts – harbor a parasite during its sexual stage of reproduction - Intermediate hosts – harbor a parasite during another developmental stage - Reservoir hosts – infected organisms that make parasites available for transmission to another host - Examples? Protists: Kingdom ____________________ (Fig 9.5; Table 11.1) - Most are unicellular - Eukaryotic - Usually free-living & aquatic
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Some are parasitic Protozoa (Animal-like Protists) – some characteristics - Eukaryotic - Unicellular - Many are free-living; are parasitic as pathogens
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14 Protozoa & Parasites Ch11 Notes - Biol 127 Protozoa...

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