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15 Chemical Agents Homework - Name Chemical Agents Homework...

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Name _____________________________ Chemical Agents Homework BI 127 Microbiology Due Wed, March 30 in class Hand in a paper copy (typed or handwritten is OK) (15 points) Locate an antimicrobial product that is in your home. This can be anything that claims to have antimicrobial activity of some kind. Try to pick something unique or interesting. Use the product label, the product website (if there is one), and your textbook (Ch 12, especially pages 347-352) to help you answer the following questions about your product. Please respond to the following questions. Thoughtful responses are encouraged. 1) What is the full name of your product? 2) What is the active ingredient? What is the concentration of the active ingredient? (The active ingredient is the chemical that provides the antimicrobial activity. Check the label.) 3) Identify any specific instructions for appropriate use of this product that relate to ensuring the desired antimicrobial effect occurs. How do those help the antimicrobial activity? How could this product could be ‘mis-used’ such that no microbial effect would occur? (Check the
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