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DIRECTIONS: As you watch Topic 1 and read the related text in Death from a Distance, try to discover the answer to the key concept question below. Topic 1 Key Concept Question Human Uniqueness In the TOPIC 1 lecture video and the Introduction to Death from a Distance, we discussed the problem of answering the human uniqueness question – the question of how we became such an unprecedented kind of animal. Which of the following statements is (are) true about the answers to the human uniqueness question that are potentially correct and useful? a. Humans have so many properties that differ from non-human animals that
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Unformatted text preview: many different, equally important causal processes must have been involved in our evolution. b. The many different properties that distinguish humans from non-human animals are likely to have a single, simple, reductionist explanation. c. Any theory we invoke to explain the differences between human and non-human animals must be susceptible to rigorous falsification on the basis of empirical evidence. d. Humans have many properties that differ from non-human animals, but all these properties can be effects of a single, simple ultimate cause. e. all of the above. f. b-d...
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