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DIRECTIONS: As you watch Topic 4 and read the related text in Death from a Distance, try to discover the answer to the key concept question below. Topic 4 Key Concept Question SPEED OF NATURAL SELECTION To understand what we see when we examine the evolutionary history of any animal, including humans, we need to grasp the inferent rates of evolution by natural selection. By examining specific cases of well know evolutionary processes, in lecture we arrived at a clear answer to this question. Which of the following statements most accurately and completely describes the rate(s) of
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Unformatted text preview: evolution by natural selection? a. Selection is always strong, but the very limited amount of variation in populations means that evolutionary change is always slow. b. When selection is strong, large amounts of variation in sexual populations can allow evolutionary change to be very rapid. c. Because natural selection is a blind, purposless process, selection is always weak and evolutionary change is always slow. d. Because changing the anatomy or behavior of an organism is extraordinarily difficult, evolutionay change is always slow....
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