ASSIGNMENT NO 3 - BIO 358 Week 3 SP 12 rev

ASSIGNMENT NO 3 - BIO 358 Week 3 SP 12 rev - In other words...

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ASSIGNMENT NO. 3 Week of Feb. 6th Bio 358 Spring 2012 Stony Brook University MANDATORY GRADED ASSIGNMENT due by 11:00 PM, Monday, Feb. 13 th ) 1. Equiz 2 (Covering Topics 3 & 4) 2. Discussion Post for Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, OR 6 (Instructions for Discussion posts to be announced IN CLASS on Tuesday, Feb. 7th) We strongly suggest you take the quiz prior to 11:00 PM on SUNDAY so if you have technical difficulties we can respond before the due date on Monday. If you wait until Monday to take the quiz and you have technical difficulties, you will forfeit that quiz! Discussion post questions posted after Sunday at 11:00 PM will not count for credit – only answers to the posts of others will count after that time.
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Unformatted text preview: In other words if you post a question for your post – it must be posted before 11:00 PM on Sunday to give others a chance to answer you. RECOMMENDED: 1. Print out Lecture Handouts, concept questions for Topics 5 & 6, live lecture ppts, and bring to class. 2. View Lectures for Topics 5 & 6 on digital textbook 3. Read assigned chapters in: Death from a Distance and the Birth of a Humane Universe Topic 5: Chapter 3 (pages 35 – 60, 65 – 66) Topic 6: Chapter 4 (pages 67 – 90) 4. Do Study questions on digital textbook for Topics 5 & 6 5. Study Animations and related Interactive Questions on digital textbook 6. Know Glossary Terms on the lecture handouts...
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