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1 Biology of Being Human TOPIC 5 Paul M. Bingham Joanne Souza H H o o w w e e v v o o l l u u t t i i o o n n p p r r o o d d u u c c e e s s a a n n i i m m a a l l s s t t h h a a t t c c o o o o p p e e r r a a t t e e” Key Terms and Concepts (see glossary in digital textbook): Genetic relatedness VERSUS Genetic identity Hamilton’s Rule or Hamilton’s Law Kin selection Genetic relatedness Conspecifics AND conflict of interest Infanticide Proximate causation Ultimate causation
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2 LECTURE OUTLINE How evolution produces animals that cooperate I. Natural selection builds behaviors as well as bodies - reprise II. Social relationships between members of the same species involve purposes in conflict III. Natural selection builds social behavior – a look at asexual cooperation A. Vehicles with the “purpose” of replicating their design information have “conflicts of interest” with conspecifics in a Malthusian world B. A dilemma – kinship and conflicts of interest determine who will
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