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Information Assurance: Homework 2 Answer Key Due September 16, 2005 Graded to 100 points. Each of the 6 questions worth the same number of points. 1. Classify each of the following as mandatory or discretionary policy. a. The file access control mechanisms of the UNIX operating system. Discretionary. Ordinary users can change access to files. b. A military facility in which only generals can enter a particular room. Mandatory. Can only change access by becoming a general. c. A university registrar’s office, in which a faculty member can see the grades of a particular student provided that the student has given written permission for the faculty member to see them. Discretionary. Ordinary student can change access control. 2. In the Bell-LaPadula lattice label model, why is it meaningless to have compartments at the lowest clearance level (e.g. Unclassified:NUC and Unclassified:EUR)? Sorry about this one. I thought when I assigned the question it had a structural answer. But now I believe that it only has an answer that uses the semantics of the word Unclassified. The compartments are an attempt to reduce information to a need to know basis which doesn’t make sense if the data is already unclassified. As several of you have pointed out, the compartments still provide separation at the lowest level even if it is an odd concept given the name unclassified. In most MLS systems, the bottom level is not compartmentalized and processes do not run at system low. Rather system low is used to
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hw2-key - Information Assurance: Homework 2 Answer Key Due...

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