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Name: Information Assurance: Homework 1 Answers and Comments Due September 3, 2008 on compass. First a comment on desired file formats. You can attach a file in pdf, text, or doc format. Please do not use .docx form (I'm running with open office). You can just insert your answers in line. Just be sure you are inserting whitespace for readability (this has been a problem in the past). Most everyone was fine, just a few .docx files that Lars had to convert for me. 1. What do you hope to get out of this class? In general folks are looking for a broad overview of security. Which is good, because that is what the course is supposed to provide. 2. What are the top three topics you hope are covered in this class? Lots of topics were mentioned. Here is my categorization and count of the topics. We will cover many/most of these topics. Some directly (e.g. Cryptography) and some indirectly as aspects of other topics (e.g. Current events and security history). A few topics I'm fairly certain that we will not address include: Quantum crypto (unless I can find a guest lecturer), Trust negotiation (though this is in Lars' research area and I'm sure he would be happy to talk with you about it during office hours), security economics, and privacy (again unless we have an extra class session and I can pull in a guest lecturer).
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Name: 3. What programming languages and operating systems are you comfortable working with?
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hw1-comments - Name: Information Assurance: Homework 1...

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