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Bio 2137: Introduction to Plant Science Biodiversity Feature Report As an introduction to scientific writing and peer-reviewed literature, you will write a 2 page news item or feature report on a newsworthy plant, fungal or algal species of interest for any reason (see below). Prepare a 2 page report using 2 peer-reviewed papers as references. In the first part of the report, the newsworthy feature of the species is described for its importance and should be at least 50% of the report. Examples of newsworthy plants include invasive weeds, endangered species, medicinal plants, nutriceuticals, plants producing novel drugs or unusual crop plants, plant bioproducts, genetically altered crops for biotechnology purposes, unique and unusual species, etc., etc. While you may use web sites to find ideas, your report should be based on literature references (science journals) that you have read. There are many online refereed science journals available through the library network that are acceptable
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