Ecology_and_Diversity_of_Conifers - Ioana Dobre Ecology and...

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Unformatted text preview: Ioana Dobre Ecology and Diversity of Conifers: Southern and Northern conifers Northern conifers - Dominate boreal zone where the growing season is less than 6 months - Frost free <4 months - Western forest is a relic which escaped glaciers - In the east few if any endemics due to widespread glaciations - There are 2 main families in our area Southern conifers - Include many endemics - Survived glaciations in isolated valleys - Many members of the Araucaria family Ecology of conifers - In Canada they dominate the boreal zone:- Growing season <4 months, frost free < 4 months - Northern limit: 10 degrees isotherm marks the tree line where ice crystals abrade and destroy needles - Southern limit: they lose competition with deciduous trees- On the west coast, a relict forest survives from ancient times due to dry summers ( it never fully glaciated) - they are very similar to the trees that existed in the time of the dinosaurs In western Canada, the forest composition changes due to the mountains- The west coast forest has unusually large tree species - Thrives party due to very dry summers which prevent the deciduous trees that we have in eastern Canada from invading the area and taking over - Conifers can do photosynthesis above 0 degrees - Deciduous trees need a long growing season to produce leaves...
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Ecology_and_Diversity_of_Conifers - Ioana Dobre Ecology and...

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