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Ioana Dobre Evolution of crops All crop species were domesticated 7-10, 000 ybp ( on evolutionary scale, extremely recent) by early subsistence farmers in subtropical and semiarid areas, known as “centres of origin”, possibly due to changing conditions at the end of the ice age - Northern areas where developed countries are today, produced few if any crops, but European colonial period distributed crops worldwide - According to Jared Diamond, in Guns germs and steel, the world was transformed by “farmer power” leading to increase in world population, rise of civilizations, arts and centralized government A ll crop species are true species i.e they are different from their wild cousins - What precipitated this shift? 10, 000 yrs ago climate change during the end of the glaciations - Humans had to rely more on plant resources during this period - Most of the crops come from tropical areas or subtropical areas - Very few northern areas produce crop plants - The only thing that comes out of North America is the sunflower Top 10 crops that feed the world - Wheat -Rice - Corn -Potato -Barley -Manioc (tropical, eaten as a potato substitute in most tropical countries -Oats - Sorghum ( and African grain) - Soya - Sugar cane (sweetener) Centres of origin of crops ( the place where the crops were originally domesticated) - Concept developed by Vlavilov - He realized that the place where crop domestication occurred was the place where we would find wild relatives + weeds that were closely related to the crop plants - The greatest diversity of crop populations i.e land races (= farmer selected varieties ‘folk varieties’ always found in the greatest abundance in centres of origin)
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Evolution_of_crops - Ioana Dobre Evolution of crops All...

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