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Final Exam: Section I (Definitions) Lecture I Centres of Origins: Subtropical and semiarid areas where all crop species were first domesticated (3-8000ybp) by early subsistence farmers. Fragmentation: Conversion of a habitat from its native vegetation and physical layout into agricultural area or urban area. Invasive Species: Species that destroy the ecosystem, reduce diversity and destroy vegetation. Nutraceuticals: Foods with biochemical health benefits Phytochemicals: Chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants. Lecture II Evolution: Change in genetic makeup (gene frequencies) of populations over time (generations). Microevolution: Gradual change occurring below species level (small scale). Natural Selection: Organisms are variable at the level of individuals and their characters are heritable. More organisms are produced than can survive and thus natural selection leads to the survival of the best adapted. The characters of those organisms are passed on and gradual population changes occur over long periods of time. Macroevolution: Evolution occurring on a grand scale of time and geography (large scale). *SJ Gould believes that chance can play a role in which groups dominate and there is no possible adaptation for these. Theory of Punctuated Equilibria: Evolution may occur by rapid bursts followed by periods of
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Final Exam - Final Exam: Section I (Definitions) Lecture I...

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