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my plant assignment taxol - Importance of Taxus brevifolia...

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Importance of Taxus brevifolia as a medicinal plant used in cancer treatment Taxus brevifolia, also known as the Western Yew, contributes significantly to medicine by its production of Paclitaxel. Paclitaxel is used commonly as an anticancer drug for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. However, like most drugs in medicine, Paclitaxel has its limitations. By Ismail Abdulle 5640167 Bio 2137 Key words: Microtubules, metastasize, neoadjuvant, Taxol, Paclitaxel, Western Yew.
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Native to Pacific Northwest America, Taxus brevifolia L. is a small conifer tree ranging from 8-15m in height. Over the years, researchers have tried feverishly to perform ring counts to determine various specimens’ age but have failed due to Taxus brevifolia ’s habit of internal rotting. Although its fruit are considered toxic, Taxus brevifolia is known most for its production of a chemotherapy drug know as Paclitaxel. Discovered at the National Cancer Institute in 1967 by Monroe E. Wall, Paclitaxel is an inhibitor of mitosis derived from the bark of Taxus brevifolia. After being developed and purified for commercial use, the name changed from Paclitaxel to Taxol. Today, Paclitaxel is used in the treatment of breast, ovarian, and lung cancer.
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