Sample Midterm - 4. You are the director of pest management...

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Bio 2127 Oct 2008 Sample exam questions Professor J.T. Arnason Section 1. Multiple choice. Choose the most appropriate answer . 1)The theory that evolution may involve short periods of rapid change followed by long periods of slow evolutionary change a) punctuated equilibria by Stephen Jay Gould b) apomyxis c) convergent evolution d) evolutionary radiation e) stepwise co-evolution of Raven and Ehrlich 6) The presence of phloem in brown algae and vascular plants is a) co-evolution b) parallel evolution c) convergent evolution d) evidence that browns are ancestors of vascular plants e) devolution 10. The dominant generation in lycopods and mosses is a) sporophyte, sporophyte b) gametophyte, gametophyte c) sporophyte, gametophyte d) gametophyte, sporophyte e) antheriduim, archegonium
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Section II. Answer in the space provided. 1 a. What are the original symbiotic partners in these organisms
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Unformatted text preview: 4. You are the director of pest management (phytopathology) in Saskatchewan a) There is an outbreak of wheat rust. Given your knowledge of the life cycle of the pest, what biological control mechanism can you recommend in the future to prevent the problem. ____________________________________________________________________ b) During an on farm inspection of a vegetable farm, you pull out an onion and find the roots infected with masses of fungal hyphae, but the plant appears healthy. How is this possible? ____________________________________________________________________ 9, These 3 characteristic fungal reproductive structures are each associated with a group of fungi. Name the group ___________________ ________________ ______________...
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Sample Midterm - 4. You are the director of pest management...

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