Financial Project Spring 2012

Financial Project Spring 2012 - THE FINANCIAL REPORTING...

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THE FINANCIAL REPORTING PROJECT This project involves an in-depth analysis of a publicly traded company, and a comparison to its peers in the industry. The project should be completed in groups of four participants. You are free to form your own groups. If you are unable to form/find a group, see your professor no later than the fourth class meeting. Each group should provide its top two choices from the list of companies included in this project. The Professor will approve companies on a first-come, first-served basis and hence it is important for your group to decide on your top two choices as soon as possible and communicate it to the Professor. As soon as you receive approval from the Professor, your group must obtain a copy of your company’s latest Annual Report or 10-K. You can do this by downloading and printing the documents from your company’s website or from the EDGAR database at the Securities & Exchange Commission ( ). The project is completed in two phases. The first phase emphasizes a basic understanding of the company and the business and economic environment in which it operates. It also requires that you obtain an understanding of the information provided in the Annual Report or 10-K. The final phase involves computation of ratios and financial analysis, including an investment recommendation. At the conclusion of the final phase, you will also evaluate each member of your group by completing the evaluation form included in this packet. The report is completed in two phases so that the entire work on the project is not deferred until the end of the term. Further, by turning in two reports, you will obtain timely feedback from your professor that will help you improve your performance in the final report. Each progress report requires a group leader to coordinate the work. Rotate your group leader for each progress report. Based on past experience, the following procedures will help you maximize your performance in the project: Each group member should independently complete the assignments required for each progress report before meeting with other members of the group. The group meetings should review all of the individual work, investigate and resolve disagreements, and work together to prepare written reports. After the draft of each report is completed, each person in the group should review the draft to ensure that the writing is concise and clear, and that the spelling and grammar are appropriate, before turning in the final draft to the professor. The quality of the project will be judged on the basis of a collective , not an allocated effort. Experiencing the challenges and the rewards of working as a group in a business setting is an
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Financial Project Spring 2012 - THE FINANCIAL REPORTING...

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